The following is a list of gear used for both live and studio recording.


Crystal Silence, Exhale, and Latin Fire were recorded with this guitar.


Instrument of choice for my solo guitar work.


Ibanez GB-200



Fender ‘54 RI Stratocaster

Ibanez model 2640 double neck
Ibanez IMG2010 synth controller for use with Roland GR-300 synth


Basically like a lap steel but played while standing. Maybe a “standup” steel?


Click here for Melobar demo


This Jay Bucky 21 string harp guitar features 6 regular guitar strings, 7 sub bass strings, and 8 super treble strings.



Marshall JMP-1 Preamp

Dean Markley RM-100-MT power amp

Pearce G1 amplifier

Marshall 1987 50 watt Super Lead (Plexi)
Newly acquired 1972 Marshall model # 1959 Super Lead head w/ JCM800 4×12 speaker cabinet. More amp than I will ever use but I couldn’t say “no”.
loaded w/ EV


Maestro Ring Modulator
Colorsound Overdriver
Lexicon Prime Time ii Digital Delay
Maestro EP3 Echoplex
Vintage Mu-tron Phasor ii
Maestro Phase shifter
Roland GR-700 guitar synth and controller
Roland VG-8
Roland GR-300